Fulfill Your Insurance Requirements

Four-point inspections are typically required when you are purchasing an existing homeowner’s insurance policy (or renewing one) on a home that is at least 30 years old.

Because older homes are more likely to need extensive repairs, your insurance company will need reassurance that your home is in good condition before they issue you a policy.

It is called a four point inspection because it covers four areas:

  • roof,
  • electrical,
  • plumbing, and
  • HVAC.

A four point inspection checklist is much shorter than a full inspection checklist, and cannot act in place of a buyer’s inspection if you are buying a home. By the same token, a buyer’s inspection should not be used in place of a four-point inspection. It’s best to provide your insurance company with only the information they asked for. Check with your insurance company first to see if there is any other information they need that a four-point inspection would not cover.

At Extra Mile, we always go the extra mile for our customers. Our reports have a quick turn-around and are easy to read, letting you take care of your insurance company’s requirements as quickly as possible.

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