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When you’re buying or selling a home, condition is crucial.

Homebuyers want to know whether the home they’re thinking of purchasing has any major issues hidden beneath the floorboards. Sellers want to be assured that their home is in top-notch condition so they can get a fair asking price.

Either way, residential home inspections can give each party the peace of mind that comes from having no uncomfortable surprises.

Extra Mile Inspections is owned and operated by Rocky Metcalf, a general contractor with an extensive inspection record. With more than 5,000 inspections to his name (and 15 years of contracting experience), we have the expertise and experience you can trust to provide a clear, accurate, comprehensive inspection report.

Don’t trust just anyone with your home inspection. Trust a home expert who knows homes inside and out.

Pre-Listing Inspections

When you’re selling a home, you want to sell it as quickly as possible for as much as possible. That’s where a pre-listing inspection can help you.

When you complete your own pre-listing inspection, it’s an act of good faith that can reassure potential buyers right from the get-go. You’ll be able to justify your asking price to your realtor and rest assured that you are leaving your home in the best condition for the next owners.

A pristine inspection can help you negotiate a more favorable asking price and usher buyers into the sale more easily. When your area gets the amount of storms, mold growth, and insects that Central Florida does, a clear inspection makes your home more attractive.

Buyer’s Inspections

Getting a buyer’s inspection isn’t mandated by law, but it should be.

A buyer’s inspection prevents you from moving into your dream home, only to find out it’s actually a money pit. It could also help you negotiate the asking price to cover the cost of the roof you’ll have to replace.

Having a clear, comprehensive report will also give you information you can use to update, repair, or maintain parts of your home before and after you move in.

When it comes to your home, there’s no such thing as too much information. Having a thorough idea of your home’s condition is invaluable information that gives you the confidence to move forward with the sale…or move on.

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