Start Your Business On the Right Foot

Buying or leasing a commercial space is an exciting step for your business. But how do you know if you’re getting a good deal?

A commercial inspection can answer all those questions you might have about the condition of your office, storefront, or warehouse (and even questions you never thought to ask). Having a commercial inspection report will provide you will valuable information of the building’s condition…information you can use to negotiate a better asking price or pass entirely.

Just like a home inspection, a commercial inspection is only as good as the inspector you use. At Extra Mile Inspection, we have experience in general contracting (15 years, to be exact) as well as over 5,000 inspections to our name. Our clear, thorough, unbiased inspection reports will be returned to you in record time so you can get the information you need and get back to business.

Man in hard hat examining blueprints at construction site

Your trusty home inspector
ready to help when you need it.