Benefits Of An Oviedo Wind Mitigation Inspection

Florida is known for its weather, and Oviedo is no different. Because of the chances for high wind events, including the occasional hurricane, an Oviedo wind mitigation inspection offers many benefits. Not only will homeowners get a better understanding of the current status of their roof and its ability to protect their family and belongings, but they could potentially save money on their homeowner’s insurance.

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While hurricanes are a yearly cause of concern for Florida homeowners, they are far from the only weather event that can create damaging winds. During parts of the year, strong thunderstorms can be a daily occurrence. And in parts of the state, including Oviedo, those storms are as intense as they are brief. That’s why in 2006, Florida became the first state in the country to mandate that insurance companies offer insurance discounts if a home receives a wind mitigation inspection certified by a qualified inspector.

While many property owners receive wind mitigation inspections to assess their home’s storm readiness, many others opt to have these inspections for the insurance discount. Wind mitigation inspections are not required by insurance companies or mortgage lenders – it’s totally optional. However, the discounts usually received with a wind mitigation report outweigh the cost of the inspection, so it’s in your best interest to have one done.

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection Report?

In Florida, a wind mitigation inspection is performed by a licensed general contractor, building contractor, architect, engineer, building inspector, or home inspector who has the proper training to complete the form. The information is presented on a standard wind mitigation form, OIR-B1-1802, commonly referred to as the 1802 form. As of Feb 1, 2012, all inspections must have photos showing each feature listed on the wind mitigation form.

Inspectors will collect several pieces of information, starting with the age of the home which will determine what building code was in place at the time of construction. Inspectors will also determine the age of the roof, gather documentation to prove the roof was installed according to the building code, and examine the roof deck attachment, roof-to-wall connection, roof shape, existence of a secondary water resistant underlayment, and the opening protection of the doors and windows.

Even if your house does not have hurricane protection on the windows, there are discounts for the shape of the roof system, the strapping of the trusses/rafters to the house, the age of the roof/house, and how the roof is nailed to the trusses/rafters.

Choose Extra Mile For Your Oviedo Wind Mitigation Inspection

We go the Extra Mile for our clients. We are a contractor owned home inspection company. Rocky Metcalf has spent over 15 years as a licensed general contractor. Knowing how to build a home and how each component operates gives him a unique eye when it comes to wind mitigation inspections. Every inspection comes with a clear and accurate report that includes all of the information you need and adheres to the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) standards.

Contact us whenever you’re ready to potentially save money on your homeowner’s insurance, and get peace of mind about the ability of your roof to stand up to Oviedo’s periodic high wind weather events.

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